Hello World!


Welcome to my blog, powered by Hugo! I hope to be writing on a mix of topics from math and coding. In addition to this I will also be posting some course notes from my classes at the University of Waterloo and some photography.

This theme for this blog was written from scratch by myself. you check out the repo here: hugo-theme-yuki. It is my first time using HTML/CSS/JS so this website is quite simple, but if you spot any issues please let me know!

The main goal of this blog is to share knowledge but I hope it can become a good excuse for me to go beyond what I have been taught in university and learn new things. The process of teaching others is also a great way to solidify understandings and preserve what I know now for my future self.

“You absorb so much content, but if you never produce something then what is the point of all? Combine the lessons you have learned with your knowledge and speak back to the world.”

I would be lying if I say that I just love writing long form content, in fact I dislike writing and I think my writing is kind of terrible. Whether its low self esteem or an actual poor command of language I hope that just this process of writing about things I’m interested in will help improve this.

Just a warning that I am not an expert in most of the topics I will write about, I will probably make many mistakes, and many topics will probably already be covered by people much more qualified than myself. However what I hope to do here is to produce something solely my own.

Hello World! — Andrew